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BASIL was born at Caesarea, in Asia Minor, in the year 329. His father and mother were nobles and also saints. There were 10 children in the family, four of whom became canonized saints.
Basil went to school in Constantinople and then in Athens where he lived with his friend, St. Gregory Nazianzen. The two friends became great scholars. Basil opened a school of oratory and practiced law in Caesarea. So many people wished to hear him speak in public that he was tempted by thoughts of pride. He therefore sold all his goods, gave the money to the poor, and became a monk. He consecrated to God all his knowledge and eloquence.
Basil visited the monks who lived in the desert. He started monasteries and developed rules for the monks. Although Basil was in poor health, he performed many penances.
Basil became the Archbishop of Caesarea.
Basil wrote many books and defended the Church. He was given the title "Doctor of the Church," and "Father of the Church." He died in 379.

Hear our prayer, 0 Lord which we offer in honor of St. Basil, Your Bishop. By his merits and prayers may we be found worthy to serve You well and be absolved from all our sins.

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