August 28                                                                                     Patron of Theologians
AUGUSTINE was born at Tagaste in North Africa in 354. His father was a pagan who wanted his son to be a man of learning
and cared little about his character. His mother was St. Monica.  She urged her son to lead a good life. It was a common practice among Christians at that time to delay Baptism until later in life.
At sixteen, and still not baptized, Augustine fell into bad company. He read bad books. For thirteen years he led a very evil life.
Augustine often went to church to listen to St. Ambrose, the Arch bishop of Milan, in Italy. But he was not converted. His mother, Monica, kept praying for her son.
One day while he was reading the letters of St. Paul, he made up his mind to become a Christian. His mother's prayers were answered. Augustine was baptized by St. Ambrose at the age of 35. Later, Augustine became a priest and then a bishop. He preached and wrote many books during thirty-five years as bishop of Hippo in North Africa.
St. Augustine once wrote: "Our hearts were made for You, Lord, and they are restless until they rest in You."

Lord, renew in Your Church the spirit which You inspired in St. Augustine, Your Bishop.  Filled by this spirit, may we thirst after You as the true Source of wisdom.

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