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ST. ANNE was the mother of the Blessed Virgin and the grandmother of Jesus Christ.
She and her husband were rich, and very devoted to God. Their home was Nazareth. They had no children, and that was believed to be a punishment of God among the Jews. For this reason Joachim would not even offer sacrifice in the temple. He was very sad and went into the mountains to pray. Anne prayed to God in her home and begged Him to give her a child. She promised to dedicate her child to His service.
Their prayers were heard. An angel came to Anne and said, "Anne, the Lord has looked upon your tears. You will give birth to a daughter, and she will be honored by all the world." The angel made the same promise to Joachim.
A daughter was born to Anne, and she called her Miriam, which means "Mary." Anne offered her child to God in the service of the temple at a very early age.
St. Anne's name means "grace." God endowed her with special gifts and graces to be the mother of the Mother of God.
O God, You bestowed on St. Anne such grace at she was found worthy to become the mother of Mary, who brought forth Your only begotten Son. Grant that we may be helped by her intercession
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