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AMBROSE was born in Gaul about the year 340. He was of a noble family. He received a good education in Rome and became a poet and a famous speaker. When he moved to Milan he was appointed Governor. He was the bishop Milan at the age of thirty-four.

Ambrose gave his money to the Church and to the poor. He was a student of the Holy Scriptures and the writers for the Church. He defended the Church against the Arian heretics and helped the Emperor Theodosius and his queen learn about the Church.
St. Augustine heard him speak and was converted by his sermons. He admitted Augustine to the Church.  Ambrose's heart was filled with a gentle love.
He died in the year 397. He left us many important writings on the doctrines of our Holy Faith. The Church honors him as one of her greatest Doctors and defenders. This is the reason why he is pictured holding a church in his hand. The beehive means wisdom.

O God, by your grace St. Ambrose, Your Bishop, became a great teacher of the Catholic Faith and an example of apostolic fortitude. Raise up Bishops in Your Church today who will give strong and wise leadership.

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