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ALOYSIUS lived in the castle of the Gonzaga family. As a little boy he spent some time with his father in the army. There he picked up rough language. His mother scolded him and taught him what a terrible thing it is to offend God even in a small matter. He began to love prayer and to think very seriously about his soul.
Aloysius was sent to Madrid, in Spain, to become a page to a prince, and to receive an education. But his motto was: "I was born for greater things." At twenty he signed away forever his inheritance and became a Jesuit novice. His fellow students loved him because he was kind and willing to help them. They respected him because of his great love for purity.
In Rome he nursed the victims of disease in a hospital, and before long he himself was ill.  Aloysius never became a priest. On June 21, 1591, he passed away quietly as he gazed at a crucifix where he found strength. He was only 23 years old.
O God, the Giver of heavenly gifts, You united a wonderful innocence of life with a spirit of penance in this angelic youth, Aloysius. Grant through his prayers that we may imitate him in his penance.
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