Saint:                    Feast Day:            Patron of:

Agnes January 21 Children of Mary, betrothed couples, bodily purity, chastity,  engaged couples, gardeners, Girl Scouts, girls, rape victims, New York, virgins

Albert Chmielowski June 17 --

Aloysius Gonzaga June 21 The Youth, AIDS care-givers, AIDS patients, Catholic youth, Jesuit students, relief from pestilence, sore eyes, teenage children, teenagers, young people

Alphonsus Liguori August 1 Confessors and Theologians, final perseverance, vocations

Ambrose December 7  CandleMakers, bee keepers, bees, chandlers, domestic animals, French Commissariat, learning, Milan Italy, schoolchildren, students, wax melters, wax refiners

Andrew November 30 Fishermen, anglers, fish dealers, fish mongers, fishermen, gout, Greece, maidens, old maids, Patras Greece, Russia, Scotland, singers, sore throats, spinsters, unmarried women, women who wish to become mothers

Angela Merici January 27 Disabled people, loss of parents

Anne July 26 Housewives, broommakers, childless people, mothers, grandmothers, grandparents, homemakers, lace makers, lace workers, seamstresses, miners,  poverty, pregnancy, pregnant women, women in labor, riders, horse men, stablemen, equestrians, sterility

Anthony Mary Claret October 24 Catholic press, Claretians, weavers
Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Anthony of Padua June 13 The Poor, amputees, animals, barrenness, boatmen, sailors, shipwrecks, elderly people, expectant mothers, faith in the Blessed Sacrament, lost articles, mail, mariners, Padua, Italy, seekers of lost articles, starvation, starving people, travel hostesses

Anthony the Abbot January 17 Gravediggers, graveyards, cemetery workers, basket makers, basket weavers, butchers, epileptics, monks, eczema, skin diseases, skin rashes, swine 

Augustine August 28 Theologians, brewers, printers, sore eyes
Barbara December 4 Thunder and Lightening, storms, against death by artillery, against impenitence, against mine collapse, miners, ammunition magazines, ammunition workers,  artillery, artillerymen, bomb technicians, against explosions, explosives workers, fire, fire prevention, firefighters, fireworks, fireworks manufacturers, geologists, hatmakers,  mariners, martyrs, masons, mathematicians, military engineers,  ordnance workers, prisoners, smelters, stone masons, stonecutters, tilers, brass workers, brewers, builders, construction workers, architects

Bartholomew August 24 Plasterers, bookbinders, butchers, cobblers,  leather workers, nervous diseases, neurological diseases, shoemakers, tanners

Basil the Great January 2 Hospital Administrators, reformers, Russia

Benedict July 11 Against Poisoning, witchcraft, agricultural workers, farm workers, farmers, coppersmiths, dying people, fever, gall stones, inflammatory diseases,  kidney disease, people in religious orders, monks, schoolchildren, temptations

Benedict Labre April 16 Pilgrims, homeless people, beggars, bachelors

Bernadette February 18 Lourdes France, illness, people ridiculed for their piety, shepherdesses, shepherds

Bernard August 20 Candle-Makers, wax-melters, wax refiners, beekeepers, bees

Boniface June 5 Germany, brewers, tailors

Brendan the Navigator May 16 Boatmen, mariners, sailors, watermen, whales

Bridget of Sweden July 23 Sweden, widows
Camillius of Lellis July 14 Hospitals, hospital workers, nurses, sick people, sickness, bodily ills, illness

Catherine Laboure November 25 -__

Catherine of Siena April 29 Nurses,  nursing services, illness, against fire, fire prevention, firefighters, miscarriages, temptations, sexual temptation, Siena Italy

Cecilia November 22 Musicians, composers, music, musical instrument makers, poets, singers, martyrs
Charles Borromeo November 4 Seminarians and Catechists,spiritual directors, spiritual leaders, bishops, ulcers, colic, intestinal disorders, stomach diseases 
Christopher July 25 Motorists, transportation, transportation workers, bachelors, bookbinders
Clare August 11 Television, television writers, telephones, embroiderers, needle workers
Cyril and Methodius February 14 Moravia
Dominic August 8 Astronomers, scientists
Dominic Savio March 9 Children, choirs, children's choirs, juvenile delinquents

Dymphna May 15 Mentally Ill, psychiatrists, therapists, mental disorders, mental health caregivers, mental health professionals, mental hospitals, mental asylums, family happiness, rape victims, runaways
Edith Stein August 9 Europe, loss of parents, martyrs

Elizabeth Ann Seton January 4 Death of children, in-law problems,  loss of parents, opposition of Church authorities, people ridiculed for their piety, widows

Elizabeth of Hungary November 17 Hospitals, bakers, homeless people
Frances  Cabrini November 13 Emigrants, orphans

Francis de Sales January 24 Writers, Catholic press, teachers, educators, journalists, authors, confessors, deafness

Francis of Assisi October 4 Catholic Action, animal welfare societies, animals, birds, zoos, Assisi Italy

Francis Xavier December 3 Foreign Missions, Missioners of the Precious Blood, parish missions
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