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What is a saint?

A saint is a person just like you and me that God gave special graces to in order for them to do special things.  All the saints were holy men and women.  Some of the saints could work miracles, some could heal, some had the ability to be in two places at once.  God knew these people, as He knows us, and gave them these abilities because God knew these people would do His Will.  How often do we pray to do God's Will?  The saints asked all the time.

How do we make a saint?

The process used by the church to name a saint is called canonization.  This process has been used since the 10th century.  For hundreds of years they had saints but the acts performed by the saints may or may not have true so that is why the Church, in all her wisdom, changed the rules.  Pope John Paul II, our pope now, made huge changes to make it more fair to us all.The bishop waits for a long time after the death of a person.  Then an investigation is started.  His or her life is looked at and any books or papers that are found are read by the bishop to be sure that person follows the true teaching of the church.  Then a group of people called Theologians and
cardinals in a group called "Congregation for the Causes of Saints" at the Vatican look into it and they decide if they should be approved.  If they are approved then the pope makes them Venerable.

The next step is after death they have to perform a miracle.  That make sure that the person is in heaven.  A person like you or me has to ask them for a special thing such as a healing.  If we are healed, then the pope can Beatify them.

The third and final step is one more miracle.  After that miracle then the pope can canonize them.  That tells us that the person has led a holy life, is in heaven, and is to be honored by the Church.

Do we worship the saints?
No, we don't.  We only worship God.  The saints only assist us in our prayers to God.  We only ask for the saint's intercession for us to God. The saints wrap up our prayers real nice and hand them to God for us.  They can talk to God for us.  Then it is up to God to either say yes or no.
You can have a picture or a statue of a saint. Having a statue of St. Francis of Assisi might remind you of the beauty of our earth.  They are just reminders, nothing more.

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Queen of all the Saints
St. Gabriel
St. Michael
St. Raphael

 Alphabetical list of the saints


Tips for Kids
    Things to remember when visiting God's house:
   * The Church is a sacred place. Always show respect for God and the church.
   * Always genuflect to the Tabernacle.  Jesus is present
   * Do not talk during Holy Mass.
   * Do not bring games or toys to Church.
   * Try to go to the restroom before Church. If you must go, leave by
      the back door and be as quiet as possible.
   * Do not stand on the seats or put your feet on the back of the pew in front of you.
   * Take your bulletin and other papers with you when you leave..
   * Always walk in the Church.
   * Do not eat food or candy, chew gum or take anything to drink into the Church.
   * Take good care of church property and buildings.
   * Be kind to other people.
   * Be a good listener.

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