Seven Sacraments
Jesustaught us many things.  He taught us how to behave.  He built our Church. He gave us a pope to make sure that His Words were explained correctly.  Jesus is so wonderful!

Weall want to follow Jesus and be just like Him.  You must remember that Jesus is God and we aren't.  We fail all the time.  We are so sad when we fail.  Jesus knew that we would fail and we would be sad.  Jesus decided that to help us on our way, He would give us graces.  All we have to do is ask for them and if its His Will, He would give them to us.

Sometimes we don't know what to ask for.  Sometimes we ask for the wrong things.  Our church gave us the sacraments so we can get some of the graces Jesus has to give to help us get started.  With those graces, we will be smarter and know what to ask for later on.  We will still make mistakes but with the Grace of God, maybe they wont be as bad or so many of them.

There are seven sacraments the Church offers us.  Some of them we only get once but others we can get many times.  The next few pages will tell you of the sacraments and what they are for.  Please ask me if you have any questions.


Seven Sacraments E-book
Baptism Confession Confirmation Holy Eucharist
Holy Matrimony Holy Orders Anointing of the Sick

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Tips for Kids
    Things to remember when visiting God's house:
   * The Church is a sacred place. Always show respect for God and the church.
   * Always genuflect to the Tabernacle.  Jesus is present
   * Do not talk during Holy Mass.
   * Do not bring games or toys to Church.
   * Try to go to the restroom before Church. If you must go, leave by
      the back door and be as quiet as possible.
   * Do not stand on the seats or put your feet on the back of the pew in front of you.
   * Take your bulletin and other papers with you when you leave..
   * Always walk in the Church.
   * Do not eat food or candy, chew gum or take anything to drink into the Church.
   * Take good care of church property and buildings.
   * Be kind to other people.
   * Be a good listener.