This section is different from the others in that the puzzles are cut in a variety of shapes.  It may be unsuitable for the young.  I certainly don't want to thwart their attempts by making it too challenging.  If you wish me to make this section the same as the other topics, please let me know. Moms and Dads have the final say.
Just click on the puzzle you want.  It will take you to another page and there the puzzle will open.  It takes time so be patient.  When you have finished the puzzle, you will be given the option to go to JigZone or hit the back button or click Potpourri and it will return you here.  I hope you enjoy.
 Faucet and Bucket
 Gardeners Delight
 Your Room?

 Who's Got the Bird?
 The Culprits

 No, Not a Yacht

 Sea Shells
 Yes, a Necktie


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