Page 5

 Peacock Feathers

 Its a Great Day 

 Wedding Day
 After the Rain

 Another Shamrock
 A Spring Day
 Tea Time

 Jagged Edge

 Mountain Lake
 Music Room
 Lighthouse Garden

 Native American
 Join Us, Please
 A Beautiful Day

 Fluffy White Clouds
 Teacup Treasure

 Country Apples
It's Sure Pretty
 Peaceful in Pink

 Do You See?
 Gold Clouds
 Bountiful Harvest


 Tower in Paris
 Dance of the Dolphins

 Kitty with Friends

 Do You See it, too?

 Close to my Heart

 Quiet Times
 Fresh Flowers

 Comfy Kitty
 Old Times

 Pine Bough

 Yum, Yum

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