Consecration to Mary,
Mediatrix of All Grace
O Mary, Most Holy and Immaculate Mother of God, of Jesus, our Victim-High Priest, True Prophet, and Sovereign King, I come to you as the Mediatrix of All Grace, for that is truly what you are. O Fountain of all Grace! O Fairest of Roses! Most Pure Spring! Unsullied Channel of all of God's Grace! Receive me, Most Holy Mother! Present me and my every need to the Most Holy Trinity! That having been made pure and holy in His Sight through your hands, they may return to me, through you, as graces and blessing. I give and consecrate myself to you, Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace, that Jesus, Our One True Mediator, Who is the King of All Nations, may Reign in every heart. Amen.
Consecration to Mary - Daily Prayer
O Maria, transform my heart unto thine. Place around it a wreath of purity, adorned in virtue.

Take my heart, dear Mother, consecrated as your own. Present it to God the Father as an offering from me to you.

Help me O Maria in each day to make your heart more known.


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