Novena to
    Blessed Trinity  
                                                                     Thank you
O MOST LOVING CREATOR I will always flee to Your Divine Protection. I will always trust Your Divine Will. I will always look for Your Divine Love. May I never forget Your most wonderful Divine Love for even a second. When I suffer may it be in your name, when I am joyous may it be for you, when I do good works may it be in Your honor. All for you MOST LOVING FATHER. May you fill my small heart with as much love for you and the Holy Trinity as it can possibly hold. Let me cry out in joy, even in times of sorrow, of Your Wonders and Joys. For You are the Most Wonderful and Joyous. Amen.
O MOST BELOVED JESUS, Your Wondrous name is filled with love and kindness. Let even a drop of your love pour onto my pathetic soul. Your love so pure, untainted with sin or evil. Just filled with love for humanity of whom are constantly sinning against you. O Jesus, I have never known a greater love than you. I have never known a more forgiving being than You. Let me drink a small sip of love from Your Celestial Chalice. O Jesus I could never even begin to comprehend Your Unconditional Love for me nor could I ever love you near as much as you love me. For I am imperfect. All I can give you is my pitiful imperfect love full of miserable faults, sins and flaws. But, alas I know you will accept it All Holy One for you do not mind my wretchedness for you can see the minutest attractiveness in anyone. Dear Jesus, Yeshuah, my heart overflows with love for you. My heart is like a little plate trying to catch drops of Your Love which you fling to me. Alas, I can never catch enough to fill this because every time it is near full you give me wisdom which makes my heart enlarge, now thirstier than ever. O Jesus I will never cease loving You from the depth of my soul. Amen.
O HOLY SPIRIT grant me your seven gifts. Draw me mercy, love kindness and gratitude aswell Divine Spirit. Fill me with the Blessed Trinity's Wondrousness. I know that you are ever present. Always be with me Holy Ghost for you are my personal defender against evil. There is nothing that shall ever come forth that The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Glory cannot defeat. I will love You always and keep you close to my heart. Amen.
3 Glory Beís. In recognition of the Three Entities of the Trinity.

1 Our Father.

O MOST BLESSED TRINITY in Your Glorious name I pray. You will never forsake me and will always love me. Grant me Your limitless love. I bless you from the depths of my heart and soul. You will never be forgotten by me. Amen.

Glory Be.

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