Novena of Confidence to
The Sacred Heart
Oh Lord Jesus Christ, to Your most Sacred Heart I confide this intention (mention your request). Only look upon me, then do what Your love inspires. Let Your Sacred Heart decide... I count on You... I trust in You... I throw myself on Your mercy. Lord Jesus, You will not fail me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

Sacred Heart of Jesus. I believe in Your love for me.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your kingdom come.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have asked You for many favors, but I earnestly implore this one. Take it, place it in Your open Heart. When the Eternal Father looks upon it, He will see it covered with Your Precious Blood. It will be no longer my prayer, but Yours, Jesus. Sacred Heart of Jesus I  place all my trust in You. Let me not be disappointed. Amen.

Thank you, Jesus
I wish to give thanks and devotion for prayers answered after praying the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Infant Jesus of Prague, Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Jude Thaddeus. I will always be dedicated to Jesus and keep praying with faith.   DD
I am praising and giving thanks to the SACRED HEART  JESUS for answering my prayers. It was on the 6Th day that my prayer was answered. THIS IS A MIGHTY AND POWERFUL NOVENA i bear testimony to it and it has worked for me many times.
I Promise to continue to ADORE AND PRAISE HIM
Thank you lord JESUS.
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