Only God Heard Me

I have always considered myself to be healthy.  One day I got the shock of my life when I was diagnosed with a disease that there was no cure for and could possibly take my life.  This left me feeling less than human and unworthy.  To make matters worse, I was in an abusive relationship with the sort of man that  you hope your daughter never meets.  I had an abusive childhood and later gathered that I was used to being abused and needed to repair my inner self and steer clear of any potential abusers.  This man later dumped me because he saw me as damaged.  Many nights I would talk with God and ask “why me?”  I would pray for strength and to never let anyone treat me as bad as that man did.  God made me stronger over the years.  He let me know my self worth  and see things in a clearer light.  One day I decided I needed to be baptized and have the protection of God.  I did not realize it would be such an emotional time for me.  The pastor asked me three questions pertaining to God and I accepted.  In the water I happily went.  Unexpected tears of joy ran down my face.  I felt like a new person.  A day or two later people were telling me I had this amazing glow.  I always new God was there, but this time I felt closer to him than ever.  Unexplainable things started to happen to my body as well.  The very disease I had suffered from for 15 years seemed to have vanished.  I believed in miracles, but for other people, not me.  There have been no signs of the disease since the baptism.  I thank God daily!  I feel his embrace around me 24/7 and know that miracles are alive and well.  I will think back to this time every time I feel down.  I know miracles happen because of God’s love.  It is an awesome feeling to know that he loves me. 

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