Hello my name is suzan and my daughter sarah was a miracle baby

In 1991 I fell pregnant for the 5th time , Me and my husband were so excited.  When I was 4 months I was going to the shop it was at sunset and I got rolled by 2 men who stole my bag and beat me up.  Someone found me laying on the ground and took me to the hospital , they said that sarah was fine as far as they could tell.  3 month latert at home cooking dinner for the other kids, my water broke I was worried because I was only 7 months pregnant . I drove myself to the hospital because my husband was away at work I got a friend to watch the kids .

When I got to the hospital they said I was 7cm dilated , they left and 5 minutes later I was alonein the delivery room and felt I needed to push  , I hit the call button and began to push 1 miniute later the nurse came in and felt my belly and she told me to stop pushing and hit a button that set off an alarm.  2 doctors came running in , and another nurse brought in an ultrasound machine.  They saw that sarah’s head was stuck under my ribs , they told me that I couldnt push anymore because if I did I would break her neck.  Scared and fighting the urge to push they took me into the operation room , they told me they she might not make it ,

Miniutes passed and I could feel them pulling her out of me , then I heard a cry I had never been so happy in my life they showed her to me and then took her away ,
The next time I saw her she had a tiny little neck brace on ,

She is now 18 years old and is a medical mystery , she is healty but she was born with 1 kidney , a small liver , half a uturus , and a missing fallopian tube , ( we have found this out over the past 18 years ) and her ovaries were in the wrong spot . she now suffers from pcos but lives a normal life .

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