A Cry For Help
By: Yincharge@aol.com

It was the year of 2001 and I was 23 and never thought about God. I was a Catholic at the time and really never prayed or thanked God. My Uncle whom I was living with was Christian and always spoke of God, And always asked me to join him to church. I was really not into it and had no care for what my uncle thought. Well, one night I went out with a friend to a party and my uncle felt it was a bad idea and he told me not to go. I thought I would be fine, Just thought he was overreacting as usual, But before I left my uncle told me to pray, I said Fine whatever. Then he told me to take his car cause it was new and good condition compared to what mine used to look like.
So off I went to the party by the time I left it was about almost 2 in the morning. And Me and My friend were walking to my car. As we were walking 2 male men were walking behind us yelling Nasty remarks to us. But we started walking faster But they started running after us and we ran as fast as we can to get into the car. As we got into the car, they started banging on the windows trying to bust them, I was so scared, My friend was trying to get her cell phone to dial 911, but in the panic at the moment I was trying to start the car but to my shock the car did not turn on. For that second I really thought I was in a movie, As I tried to turn the car on the man managed to bust one of the windows, The first thing that came out of my mouth was GOD PLEASE HELP US!
The car immediately turned on. I hit the gas and went straight to the Police station. As we made the report the police went to the my car to try to get fingerprints. That's when the officer came to me and said How did you get here. I said we drove here. He then said well that's impossible you have no battery.
I was in shock and so was the police officer. He then told me that someone up there must really like me cause the men were later caught and one was a convicted rapist who have raped and killed there victims Before, I was In shock.
And cried in tears praising the lord, Since then I have accepted Jesus in my heart and now a Christian with a beautiful daughter one son and a baby on the way due in September.
God has really touched me in a way that nobody can explain, My friends has also changed and forever in are hearts we will have Jesus in are hearts.

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