The Holy Land
In April 2008 I visited Israel,I don't know nobody over there, I didn't have too much money to travel so far away,but my Lord did everything for me....Y didn't know why I want to do that trip to the Holy Land so badly until I arrive there, my mother comes with me. One day  we visited the sea of Galilee and when I was observing the mystic and beautiful waters Y saw JESUS stand over the waters of  the sea of Galilee,  He was dressing all white ,and His hair was long, I saw  Him from His back, Oh! what a huge emotion I feel at that time, I scream to the people around me but nobody saw nothing just me. His sign was directly to me, He want me to follow him and be one of His fishers but of souls. Now I am a catechist  for young people,  who are preparing to do their 1st Communion and Confirmation. Isn't the LORD AMAZIN!
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