My Miracle Story
By: RoCkin x
A little over a year ago, (November 2003 to be exact), the unthinkable happened to me and my family. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In not just one ovary, but both. I was going through a rough time in my life, a good friend had JUST committed suicide DAYS before I found out, I was drinking heavily and turning into the all around heavy partier. It was joked that I truly was an example of a "preacher's daughter" (meaning I was a wild child - my dad is in a Southern Gospel group and He preaches all over). Instead of turning to God like I should have, I instead turned to alcohol even worse, drowning my sorrows in a fifth of whiskey. I didn't want to accept my condition, I didn't want to accept the doctors telling me if we didn't do something soon that my cancer would spread. My mother, in desperation, turned her head from my drinking and destructive behavior. Not my dad though, he prayed for me everyday. The day came though that I could no longer ignore what was going on in my body, during one of my many hospital visits, the doctor informed me, at 18 years old, I would have to have a full hysterectomy. I couldn't believe it...I had only been 18 for 2 months and they were telling me that I would NEVER be able to have kids. EVER. The doctors kept insisting this was the only way. I went home - crushed. I couldn't bear the thought of telling my parents I would never give them grandkids. When I told my dad the news, he refused to accept it. Right then and there he prayed with me. I knew all about what God could do, I knew he could cure me, I just knew I wasn't living right so he had NO reason to do so.. and for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to repent..drinking was my way out of reality. My dad didn't stop there though, everywhere he traveled he requested prayer for me, for my FULL healing. All over the US I had people praying for me. Cards and gifts would come to the house, giving me an idea JUST how many people out there were praying. I didn't doubt the power of God to heal me, I just didn't see myself worthy enough.
Probably 2 months after I was first diagnosed I went back to my doctor to get the results of one of my latest tests, When I arrived the doctor met me out in the waiting area - pulling me back to her office excitedly like a little kid excited about a new toy. She sat me down and pulled out her laptop showing me pictures of ultrasounds I had had over the last couple of months. I cringed seeing this disease in my body..MY body. She was talking away, but I couldn't hear her..all I could see and focus on was this disease about to take away part of my life, if not eventually all of it. Finally I told her, "Fine, I'll do it, I'll get the hysterectomy" .. She looked bewildered...and finally asked "Kristy, didn't you hear me? Haven't you been listening?"... I informed her, no I hadn't..then she repeated what she had been saying, slowly, "Sometimes in the medical field Kristy, doctors have no explanation as to why things happen...we just have to sum it up to miracles..plain and's just a miracle." ... I was confused bad at this point. "What are you talking about" I finally asked her. "Kristy, what I'm trying to say is... the test we did before this one...LAST week Kristy, your body was infested, that's the only way to describe it. Your reproductive organs were INFESTED with cancer, .. Kristy now matter how hard we looked this time, no matter where we looked..theres not a trace Kristy. Theres none to be found - ANYWHERE."
Just goes to show you, the power prayer REALLY has.
Thank You For letting me share this with you... I believe God gave me and my family this experience TO share with others, to show that no matter where you are, what you've done, if you turn to him, he WILL heal you.
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