The Jeep

March 2002 my mother, daughter and I were leaving Walmart to pull across the road to go to Lowes. I was driving, my mother was in the passengers side and my daughter Kimberlee who was 3 years old at the time was in her car seat in the backseat right behind me. I looked both ways and I did not see the on coming Dodge Durango coming down the road so I proceeded to pull out. All of a sudden we felt a slam on my side the impact spun us around in ONE complete circle until my Jeep came to a complete and sudden jerking STOP, the sound of the crash was loud and I could hear glass shattering. I was in shock for a second trying to figure out what hit us. When I looked over to the left side I then saw the front of the Dodge that had hit me. Then I heard my mom say, "Oh My GOD Kimberlee!" For a split second I had forgotten she was in the Jeep with me. She wasn't making a sound, Not crying, saying NOTHING. I was terrified to look back at her afraid of what I would see. Right before I looked back at her I saw the lady that was in the passenger side of the Dodge begin to run over to me knowing that she was terrified to discover there was a child in there. I looked back at Kimberlee and she was fine, I tried to get out to get to her but her door where the impact was had jammed her door with mine and I couldn't get out. The window in the door was completely busted out and it had slammed her carseat almost in the center of the backseat, not where I had buckled her in. I had buckled her in on the side not the center. The impact shoved her door in and that forced her seat to go in the center of the seat. The direction that the Jeep went in when we were hit should have forced the glass from the window to go all over her but instead it ALL went outside. I can just see her Angel blowing the glass away from her. She could have been killed, but due to the grace of God she walked away from that without a scratch. I have enclosed a picture of the Jeep so that you can REALLY see the impact and the after results that we were all fine, so that you can Praise the Lord with me.

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