My Miracle

I think about last week our whole family went on a vacation. We were going out to eat right before we saw the famous circus named Alegria. Me my mom, my sister,
my brother, and my father were all going through those fancy revolving doors in hotels.
Well, you know how some revolving doors are automatic, well there were to many people in one part of the revolving door and every one was so pushy that someone pushed my sister into the side of the revolving door and her foot somehow got caught under the middle of the revolving door. Everyone panicked we all pulled and pushed, and pulled and pushed but her foot would not come out and to add to that as the door was going round, the middle of the door was sucking her foot in more. I don't know how in the world her foot got out. But to add to that her foot did swell up alot, but there was no sign of any broken bones at all and her foot was healed the next day. I truly believe that either God's hand pulled her foot out or her Guardian Angel was really watching over her. My sisters name is Camille Walther and my name is Jessica Walther.

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