Grandpa Aziz

This was 38 years ago.  My Grandpa Aziz, had an alcer so he had to get surgery. When he got out of the hospital a few days, later he fainted and blacked out. My uncle was there at that time he tried to do CPR and he finally came back twenty minutes later. When he came back to life, my Grandma and uncle asked what happened. He said an angel brought me into car. In the car, there was another angel and he said this is not the right Aziz you have to take him back. The angel said this is not the time for him to die now. My Grandpa said that I'm not the Aziz they wanted it had to be someone else. While my Grandpa was talking, he heard that the house at the end of their street which was owned by a man named Aziz, he passed away that same day. They were so surprised he was telling the truth they had the wrong Aziz. I guess it wasn't his time. Now he is 83 years old.

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