In the Midst of Your Storm
By: Anonymous

My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor (non-malignant) early June 2010 – he had the operation on 06/07/2010 and this is a recount of what happened after he came out of surgery:

He went in at 12noon and I waited for him in the ICU waiting room till 5pm when I saw him being wheeled into the ICU ward.. the nurses said I must wait a while, while they set him up etc.. Eventually, we (our two sons and I) went in to see him at about 7pm and were greeted by a shocking site… My eldest son just turned around and went out. Both my husband’s hands were tied to the bed and he was having spasms, like fits.. it was ugly.. I thought my heart was going to stop beating.

I was crying when my Aunt phoned me.. and they (my aunt and uncle) came to the hospital.  My Uncle (who is also a Christian) prayed for my husband and then the nurses told us visiting hours were over and we must leave.  I don’t remember driving home that night.. we were just so numb..

I cried and got down on my knees and said a prayer… had a bath, got down on my knees again in my bedroom and cried, Lord, how am I supposed to sleep tonight knowing that my husband is in such a terrible state…I cried so much.. Then, I put my husband’s phone on charge (coz I needed his battery too), then I got my old phone out (I use that one in the evening because only my boys and Aunt have that number (they often sleep over at her house – which is right next door to mine).. as I put the phone on, a message came through.. and this was at exactly 12h33.  The message said ‘missed call’ and showed my husband’s cell number and the time of the call was 12h13 (exactly 20mins before I put the phone on), the date 06/07/2010… I was confused because I didn’t use my husband’s phone, but I went through his phone to see if I didn’t dial that number by mistake, but the last call made was the one my husband had made the night before..

My chest felt like something big hot and heavy fell on it, I couldn’t breathe, I thought Oh God, is this a sign that something is wrong with my husband?  I picked up my phone and called the hospital.  A nurse answered and when I told her who I was she said… “oh, Mrs xxx, please hold on I will call the sister to speak to you”.  when she said that I was convinced that I was going to hear bad news.  The Sister came on and said “hello, I’m sister…. (can’t remember her name), is that Mrs xxxx?”  I said “yes, this is Mrs xxxx, how is my husband doing?” .. “Oh Mrs xxxxr, your husband is doing just fine, we have untied his hands, he was talking to the nurses and he even drank the juice you left for him…!”  ..My knees went week and I tell you if the bed wasn’t there, I would have fallen on the floor.

I gave thanks to our Lord… I prayed and prayed. I thanked Him for telling me that my husband was okay and that I could get some rest.  After that, I was convinced and knew that my husband would be alright… AND it is now exactly two months later and he is back to his normal self, praise God.. He healed so fast, he was back at work exactly three weeks after his operation!!!

I know God loves me, because every-time I pray, I have a feeling of serenity afterwards, but never before have I actually seen Him answer my prayers in such a vivid way.  Yes, God is Great… and we give Him thanks each and every day! 

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