The Test
By: Tiffany

I had just graduated college and I was offered a job I had always dreamed of my whole life.  I was so excited.  The only problem was I had to pass a test in order to get the job.  I took the test and it was so hard.  I almost cried in the middle of it.  I knew I did not pass.  There was no possible way.  I prayed to Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, St. Anthony and my guardian Angels for a miracle.  I knew I needed their help.  Also at that time in my life I was really starting to wonder about my faith.  I started to pray and my life changed.  I felt closer to God in so many ways.  I was starting to feel things and see things (multiple numbers for example) I had never seen before.  A couple weeks later, I received the results to my test and I passed.  I know Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, St. Anthony and my guardian angels heard my prayers and restored my faith. This story may not seem like a miracle but it truly was for me.
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