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By: Alicia.Trujillo@dshs.state.tx.us
I am a single mother of three working hard to make ends meet, I work two jobs, when I got divorce my ex husband left me with all the bills to the limit, I was behind on my house and my house taxes.  One morning I was taking a shower, to get ready for work and my kids were getting ready to go to school, my son knocked on the bathroom door and told me there was a man who wanted to talk to me, I told my son to tell him to come back later, the man told him that he will wait for me to get out of the shower because he really needed to talk to me because it was very important.  When I opened the door to talk to the man the first thing he told me was that he had bought my house in an auction because my house had gone on sale for back house taxes and the city had sold my house at that moment I did not know what to do, I called in for work and started to call the city to find out what was going on, well they told me the house had gotten sold due to back taxes and that there was a chance I could buy it back from the person who had bought it I think within months or so.  Well I needed to pay this man about 4,000 dollars which I did not have at all and did not have anyone to borrow the money from, my ex husband never paid any child support and never saw or picked up my kids at all. I decided to call my ex husband to ask him if he can help me gather the money or help me with something, his response was that he would only help me if I would take him off of child support, I just hanged up on him.  At that moment I just thought where were my kids and me where going to go, I started crying so hard.  In the middle of the dinning room I knelt and stretch my arms and ask GOD to help me with all my faith.  I spoke to GOD and told him that I needed my house to put a roof over my kids and to please donít let this happened.  I talked to him about what I was going through.  After that I called my mortgage company and explained what was going on and I gave them the lot # from my house that was sold.  My mother advised me to go to Legal Aid to see if they can help me save my house, right away that afternoon they set up an appointment for me, well somehow my mortgage company and the city got together and talked about it. well it happens that my house is built on three different lots and the city sold only one of them, by the time I got to Legal Aid that afternoon, they had told me that the sale had been cancelled because they cannot sell only a part of the property.  We got to keep our home that afternoon! My mortgage company put all those back taxes and the end of my mortgage note and made arrangements to add the property taxes with my mortgage payment and now we are still living in our house.  This was a miracle from GOD!  Thank you GOD for hearing my prayers with tears.

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