Is This a Miracle?

My story starts a few years ago. Today I question so many things. Back in my younger day I was confused with what I should believe in. Started out going to Sunday school and earning my first Bible. I remember feeling so proud when my Sunday school teacher handed me that bible, that I earned and I took it home.  Tragedy all ready struck my family. Having 11 other siblings we learned to support one another. The lost of my mother at the age of 10 left me with such sadness. At that time my father was already paralyzed and I use to lay in bed at night and listen to him cry. I covered my head with my blanket with tears in my eyes  I would fall to  sleep. The next day I would get up exhausted and headed off to school. Which I used to love. The more exhausted I became the more I lost interest in school. At the age of 13 he (my father ) passed away.  Moving forward I grew up with anger, I was mad and there was a sadness within my heart that haunted me for so many years, It was hidden from my everyday life. I always felt different feeling other peoples pain,  I would listed to the heartaches. The news and the newspaper stories would tear at me heart with the sadness from other peoples lives. My beliefs were so faded but I was able to hang onto  life. getting married and raising a family push so many memories back into the hidden dark place were I felt safe.. Fast forwarding to today. Now in my fifties, Something is happening that really crabs again at my heart. A few years ago is where my story seems to be unfolding. I got a divorce, I lost my job...and then I had a stroke (brain hemorrhagic infarct ) I lived alone and before passing out I was able to get to my cell phone and called my best friend. With his quick response I made it to the hospital and woke up 9 days later. During my recovery process all my siblings were reunited and were by my side every day. I seem to become a main focus.  I struggle with working small jobs and covering up my minor disabilities. In and out of hospitals a few times I finally was taken out of work waiting for SSID.. I have no money and getting some help from family. My resources were drying up. Then out of the blue a friend found me on Face book and we meant for coffee. We caught up on your families, I mention some of my hard times with recovery from the stroke now waiting for my disability. I had 65 more days to wait until my first check. Living on only food stamps and a landlord that was willing to wait until I get things were in order. My friend who found me on faced book called me and said Bob lets meet for breakfast again I have something for you. I was thinking that he found another guy we use to work with and was bringing him to breakfast to surprise me. At breakfast he pulled out an envelope and slid it across the table and said here bob this is for you. In the envelope there was a generous amount of money enough to carry me for 60 plus days.  My eyes filled up with tears. many thoughts flooded my head,  What is happening I'm so filled with joy and happiness. Out of the blue,,I was given not only 1 miracle but 2.   I had to share this story and the kindness makes me cry... how can I figure this out'''''

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