The Truck

After the birth of my son Paul, he was around 3 weeks old I was driving on the Staten Island Expressway behind one of those big semi's that transport the old junk cars (the ones the have been flattened for scrap when all of a sudden the hood from one of the vehicles some how came loose! Coming straight at my windsheild all i could think was OH MY GOD my precious most beautiful baby was going to die i prayed out loud for god to please help us help him I already lived and i wanted my boy to have as good if not better of a life then i had i was prepared to die but i didn't want him to. All of a sudden as this big slab of metal is hurling at my car is was out of no where someone caught it and place it down ever so gently after realizing what had just happened i pulled over to the side of the road still shaking and crying with relief a woman pulled behind me she walked over to my window and Lady if i didn't see that with my own two eyes I would never have believed it she said to me someone is looking out for you.
I just smiled and someone is looking out for all of us> YOU JUST GOT TO BELIEVE..

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