The Time
My name is Tom and I was working as a consultant for a well known communications company in New Jersey where I live.  After a while I met a woman named Sue Z.  Her last name was so hard to pronounce everyone called her Sue Z, she too was saved and we would pray and talk about the goodness of God.  One day after she had been speaking with another friend named Joyce it was decided that we would all meet for lunch.  I drove Sue to where Joyce worked, roughly 25 minutes from where we were.  We ate and all prayed in the parking lot of the building where Joyce worked and Sue and I headed back to where we worked.  We left about 12:55.  When we got back to our building sure that we were late and we did not want to be punished, I looked at my watch, shocked to see what I saw and asked Sue Z if she knew the time, suddenly we both realized we had left for our building at 12:55 drove sensibly back to our building and the time was 12:50.  We had gotten back to where we belonged before the time we had left the other building.  It was roughly 18 years ago that it had occurred, I do not remember what we prayed over and since then Joyce and Sue Z  have gone to glory, but I am sure it was Gods will that we all meet and pray that day.

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