Our Dog Miracle
By: tonya@narrowwayinc.net

Last night my daughter and I pulled up in front of our house.  It was dark out and our mailbox is on the opposite side of the road, so I pulled up so my daughter could get the mail.  Without even thinking I hit the garage door opener in a split second our dog, Abby, came running to the side of the road, tail wagging and so happy to see us home.  Like a slow motion picture I saw Abby actually on the road side, just outside the driveway, and a small pick up coming full speed.  I couldn't react and the next second the truck passed the van and I saw our dog rolling back into the drive with a yipe then get up and run back into our house.  I had to wait for another car to pass then I pulled into the garage.  My daughter threw open the side door and Abby jumped into the back seat.  The couple that had hit her came back to apologize.  Abby is a black lab and there was not a chance of them seeing her in the night.  I tried to check Abby over but I couldn't get her out of the back seat.  All I could see is blood on her bottom lip.  She ran ok but all I could think of is internal injuries.  The couple showed me where her head hit their turn signal light and cracked the hard plastic. They were going about 45 mph and didn't see her until after they hit her.   I thanked them for coming back and told them I was going to get her checked out.  I started to call frantically to every vet I could and everyone I could get a hold of said it would be about $200 up front to examine her.  I barely am able to keep our bills paid, I live paycheck to paycheck.  I was feeling so helpless.  In my frantic calling I saw my 8 year old daughter sitting beside me and I heard her crying and praying to Jesus.  She ask him to send angles down to heal her Abby because she couldn't loose her and then she thanked Jesus for his healing.  I finally decided that I was going to just go to the MedVet and if nothing else right a check.

When my daughter and I returned to the van I called for Abby, who was still lying down in the back seat, and Abby popped up and came to the middle seat.  She didn't have any other marks on her.  She just looked very scared, like the day I rescued her when she was 8 weeks old.  My children had found her tied to a tree on a very hot August day with no food or water.  The people that owned her said I could have her for $5.  We took her home and she was part of the family.  I got in my van and drove to the MetVet.  When I got there and opened the van door, Abby jumped down and was so excited.  She act like we were at the park going for a walk.  So I stopped and checked her over.  The blood was just a scraped lip.  All of her teeth were intacted, her gums were pink, I pressed over the body like I was checking for ticks and Abby didn't even flinch.  I knew at that moment she was going to be ok, Jesus had heard and answered my eight year old daughter's prayer.  I didn't even go in the clinic.  My daughter and I took Abby home and we all slept in my bed.  The next morning when we got up Abby was back to her normal routine, a little slower, but back to patiently waiting for us to finish getting ready so we could give her some loving on the way down the stairs, then out the back door for her morning bathroom.

I looked at my daughter and I told her how proud I was of her.  She asked why.  I told her because "you did the right thing, you ask God for help right away and he gave it to us."  I told her she saved Abby's life and she said no God did.  I am lucky to have a child so wise.  I sometimes feel like I'm not doing the best job at raising my children right, but then in one scary moment I get a reminder that as long as I keep God in the picture, my children and I will be alright.

Some say it was luck but I think we experienced a miracle.  I hope this email reminds everyone to stop and always pray first - then react.

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