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During the school holidays my mum, two younger brothers and I went to the city for a zoo trip. Before we even reached the zoo we were having this massive fight at the train station which resulted in me and my brother being rather upset at the zoo, and staying as far away from our mother as possible. All during that time I was talking resentfully to God, and making rather selfish requests. It so happens that my 13 year old brother is obssesed about reptiles and at midday he was searching for a lizard to bring home. When I asked him if he'd found anything he replied with a miserable 'no', and I felt so sorry that I talked to God again " God as a last request please let my brother find his lizard, he is so unhappy and this would really make up for his misery". My mum started walking over to us from the elephants and I quickly walked ahead. About 10 seconds later she shrieked about something falling on her head, and I just rolled my eyes. It wasn't until she yelled " Lachlan there's a skink, it just landed on my head it's there in the bushes!" I turned and watched in shock as my brother caught the still lizard in one move, which is unusual because usually skinks escape very quickly. They were wondering in awe at how this 'coincidence' came to be, then I told Lachlan I'd prayed for this to happen, and he was astounded (he's an atheist). He kept asking me later "Did you really pray?". I was quite shocked myself, I didn't think that my prayer was important enough to be considered by God, but now I know it was his way of reconciling my family and showing me that he's always listening to our prayers, even at times of distress. We named the lizard Miracle! Nowadays I'm careful about how I talk to God, because whether my words are rubbish or not rubbish, he listens!


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