On The Road Again
By: Anonymous

An all day road trip
It was back in 2005, about a month after Hurricane Katrina. I lived in a town just west of New Orleans. At this time the city officials were allowing residents or previous residents of my town to come and pick up certain belongings and then we would have to leave or stay indoors, because there was an 8PM curfew in the city. After Katrina i was living about 6 hours away from my hometown. The nite before I had to make the 6 hour trip to grab some of my belongings, (which included my own vehicle) i hadnt gotten much sleep; about 2 hours worth, i suppose. I was making the trip with one of my friends, because he lived in the same area, but neither of us had gotten much sleep, he less than i. So out of common courtesy, i decided to drive the whole 6 hours. I was fine on the trip going into our city, but the trip back out of town was horrible. Neither he nor i could stay in our homes because there was neither electricity, gas or water turned on. So we had to grab our things and turn right around and head back. Traffic going out of the city was ridiculous as it delayed our trip an additional 2 1/2, close to 3 hours. So by the time we had finally gotten out of traffic, i was way past that critical level of exhaustion that is experienced on road trips. To get to the point, while i was driving, my eyes became so heavy that peoples cars were beginning to look more like strange objects than cars. At one point i was actually sleep with my eyes open and once i snapped out of it, i could not figure out how i was still driving at the same speed in the same lane. I prayed and thanked GOD for sustaining me on the long drive back, and promised him that i would never be so silly as to stay up late when i had to be up so early and take such a long drive. And eventually, the LORD put a rest area in our route. I knew he had sent my gaurdian angel on the long trip with me. I know where my help comes from:)

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