On The Tracks
By: taylormarieellsworth@yahoo.com

Ok so Me and my best friend Desiree, were all hanging out on the train tracks with her sister lauren, and laurens friend jessica. They are only 13, I am 15, and dez is 16. So we were all walking up there having fun. It was really dark out and kind of scary. We were on our way to go to the trussel, which you have to go onto the nearest sidewalk and into the woods. All of the sudden, desiree saw a fire, and this  guy who was staring at us. Me and desiree were freaking out because we knew the woods was a place where their were people doing drugs and possible rape could happen to us. So i told everyone to start running and let us get off the tracks (which all you have to do is climb down stairs to get off the tracks) So while we were running to the stairs we hear a couple of guys talking. So we stopped running. We knew they were in the woods and we didnt know what they would do to us. I went down a couple steps to see if i saw anyone, and i saw this old guy walking this late and he was drunk. I figured he would walk down the sidewalk and leave, so we could get out of here. But instead he went into the woods. Which was scary because you can easily get out of the woods and onto the tracks. Me and dez are very strong believers in God, so we prayed a lot. I was shaking so bad. I was more concered about what would happen to lauren and jessica. So i decide we all need to start running the opposite direction, but we still heard voices. I felt like someone was going to come up and rape us or something. So we ran and I fell into a pile of mud. I felt like God wanted me to fall to teach me NEVER to go on the tracks this late again. He had already saved me yesterday (but thats another story) and my mom had warned me about the tracks. And to think...if God didnt show us the fire, and the two guys, we would have gone into the woods on the trussel and who knows what would have happened. We all made it safely home. THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD. I really do believe his hand was placed on all of us that night.


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