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A little over a year ago my Ewing sarcoma (bone) cancer came back after 14 years in my right leg again.  I decided to have chemotherapy and radiation again.  After 4 weeks of inpatient chemotherapy and 4 weeks outpatient chemotherapy treatments, at the hospital, I was really sick.  I was going in and out of a coma while in the hospital.  I would tell people that I was “blessed.”  I do not remember telling this to people at all.  One of the nights in my 4th week, I had visitors and the doctors told them that my white blood count was so low that they did not expect to live through the night. There were 5 visitors there at the time I am told but do not remember them being there at all.  One was clergy. 
I am still here and tell everyone that story.   The Lord did truly bless me that night.


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