My Story
By: Sweet Angel
The Lord has been always in my life because I was born in a Catholic family and studied in a catholic school.  His call toward me was strong enough for me to hear when my divorce happened, maybe a little before that.

Let me also tell you that the Lord has always been pulling me towards Him in different ways and always has put special people in my life to help me find Him.

This part of the story starts when I came to live to the USA, with my ex-husband. I started working as a little shop attendant and in the mall I met a wonderful lady, who love the Lord dearly and has been blessed with a lot of spiritual gifts. She was always inviting me to pray the rosary and telling me how sometimes, she could even hear the Lord talking to even though I know I am not worthy of any special favor from the Lord, I start asking to hear His voice,...well, at least -I pray- send me someone who can tell me what You want from me... First, I find the Diary of Saint Faustina and I buy it, of course I read it, slowly, because it is so intense that I have to go step by step, and then
trying to reflect on what I have read,...just as I finish the Diary, I met another wonderful woman, and what brought us together in the Lord is a picture that someone gave me from Jesus. She saw it and start weeping telling me how beautiful it was, so I gave the picture to her, and she cries even more. She told me then that she was a Jew and she has accepted Jesus in her life since she was 9 years old, because it was then when the Lord called her, and she does this even against her family.  She is a very blessed person, because in her journey in Jesus, He has given her several gifts from the Holy Spirit, (healing, discernment, prophecy among others). One day she came to me and told me that she has a "message from the Holy Spirit for me", -do you want me to give it to you? -she asked-,...this
was new for me, messages for me from the Lord?....of course I want to hear it, then she tells me that it has to be given in a Holy place, so we arrange a date and we go to a place called the Grotto in San Antonio TX, that is a chapel where they have Adoration all day Long and the Holy Ghost is exposed.
There she told me the message, she says that the Lord loves me, that He knows my heart, and that I am about to suffer greatly because my husband is going to ask me for the divorce,...this is strange for me because I thought that everything was OK in my marriage,...She also tells me that I shall never
despair, because Jesus is holding me, and will be with me in those difficult times that are about to come.  Time passes and things start to get tough in my marriage, so I go to church more often to talk with the Lord (Adoration). One day while I was there, adoring him, the Holy Eucharistic started to became very brilliant, very shiny, so much, that my eyes start to cry because of the light, the church is not empty, there are about 8 more people in adoration, so when I cant hold my sight any more because of the light so bright I see at each of my sides, to see if the people are aware of what is happening, there I see everybody cover by a "fog" from head to waist only, but nobody seems to be aware of it, so I turn to the Lord and just said, -this is a gift for me, right Dear Lord?-...the light becomes even brighter and I feel completely in peace, in Holy peace. When I finally said good bye to the Lord for that day, everything turns to normal again, and I can leave almost floating in the air.

Some weeks later, while I was asleep, deep in the night, (about 3-4 am) I awake with a very profound smell, something burning, so I sat in the bed trying to identify what is going on, everything is very dark, but the smell is a very familiar one, incense, like the one they burn in the
church, is so intense that it goes deep into my nose, into my brain,...and as I am wondering what is going on, suddenly I see a light, this time is on a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I have in my bedroom, a beautiful peace surrounds me and I find myself just saying, -Oh, it's you Jesus- and going back to sleep.
All this happens meanwhile the storm of my marriage is going on. So I hold on to the Chaplet of Mercy, which I pray every day or at least try to. Soon my husband asked for the divorce, he said that he hasn't loved me for years, and even though the news is rough, it doesn't surprise me at all. He
became very bitter so I made a promise to the Lord, that I will treat my husband (ex-husband now) as if he was Jesus. This becomes more and more difficult as the time passes and the divorce process goes on, I keep respecting him, serving him and biting my tongue every time that I feel like something awful trying to come out of my mouth, always telling my self that I am dealing with Jesus, and this is only a trial. All this time I offer everything I am living, good and bad, to the Lord, for the salvation of the souls, I pray.
Finally the divorce is over, but the man still lives in my house, because his place is not ready, so I can't just kick him out,...remember? I was trying to treat him as I would treat Jesus. 15 days more or less passes. When he got his place I helped him move.

Then I am left alone, in a foreign country, with a foreign language and with two children. I ask the Lord to please show me what He is expecting from me, what shall I do,...and as I am praying, suddenly the news paper attracts me, so I open it just to find an ad for a school, one week later I was registered and attending classes.
In the meanwhile, my younger child starts telling me that she wants to live with her father, because "poor him, who is going to watch over him and that she will cook his meals and make his bed, she is only 10 years old, so I feel this news like a freezing air on my back,...then my charismatic friend called me, she was told by the Lord of my ordeal and He wants us to pray for this issue, so we get together again and pray. That day, I give her my copy of the Diary and taught my friend how to pray the Chaplet of Mercy. A couple of weeks after this as I'm working in the computer, my daughter comes near me and hugs me, I look at her and tell her that I am going to miss her when she moves with her father,-no- is her answer, I'm staying with you, I already decided this Mom- she said. I thank the Lord, because for me, this is a miracle. At the same time of the end of my divorce I am diagnosed with a breast tumor, cancer, they said. But with my divorce, my husband cut me off the medical insurance, of course, and with little money and no insurance I pray again and I say, Lord, I put everything in your hands, and I trust you, so I wont worry about this until I can afford a medical treatment. (and I forget all about it)

Time passes and I do not want to meet no one, no other man, I have decided to be alone, to dedicate myself to the Lord, to my girls and my new career, I say. But the Lord has other plans for me, and again, here comes my charismatic friend and one hot afternoon sitting at my dinning
table, praying for a friend that is having a very hard time with his problems, The Lord sends me another message, - I have a present for you-, -you will know what happiness is all about, I know the bottom of your heart, my child, and I am going to give you a companion, your soul mate-
(what? I asked myself, I don't want to go through all this again, I think,)
and then I turn my eyes to the sky and tell the Lord, -well my Lord, if you have someone for me, you will just have to put him in front of my nose, because I am not going to go out and search for him-.
The Lord must be laughing for my freshness, but I have never been around night clubs and bars, and this is not the time I am going to start going to these places.
Before my charismatic friend leaves I asked her if the Lord told her how should I know that "this man" will be the one.... she answer me that I will know, the Lord is showing her that it will be like a lightening,....for both of you.....I try to think, but you know that with the Lord is better not to do so,....before she starts her car she laughs and tell me something else -the Lord is telling me that if you are not careful you will be married with in a week-...(A week?...with who?,...I don't even know no one I think), the she tells me that I will be married in the summer, (we are talking in mid June), so I ask, what summer, next summer?, she said, this summer...and away she goes leaving me standing there, in the middle of the street in great confusion. So that night after praying my Chaplet, I start talking to the Lord, and I tell Him that my life is His, and that He can do with it as He wishes.
Next day I meet my husband, "in front of my nose" without searching for him in any way, and I can hear the Lord voice and His wonderful peace as he tells me "He is the one". over and over again,....suddenly my now husband tells me exactly the words I am listening in my heart, -I don't know what's going on here, but I feel a voice inside of me telling me that you are the one-... coincidence? That week I prayed as never before, Lord if he is not the one, take him away, I don't want to be hurt once more, please, please, ...the more I pray, the more he and I are in love with each other, finally one month later, we get married.  He is really a gift from the Lord, we been married just for 10 months now, but I have never loved any one in this way. Its like if the Love of the Lord
is coming through us, as if we are a channel of His love, and the more we love the Lord, the bigger the Love we feel for each other, and the more peace we feel. Everything is OK now. My daughters are doing fine and have accepted this man as part of their lives, and he is wonderful with them. His family has accepted us with arms wide open and full of love, not only for me, but for my children, as "granddaughters".  There is no more struggle or fear, only a great peace.  My cancer is gone, and I mean gone, there was nothing there in the two last exams.

So every day I praise the Lord, I thank Him for all the wonders He has done in my life. I have promise Him that I will share my story, and the Lord has told me that this story will "inspire many" and will bring them closer to Him.
I trust the Lord completely, with no question. Now I know that if He has planned this or that in my life, its for a reason, because He has a plan for me, and I will try my best to accomplish it.

This is, in a short way what has happened with my life ever since I had read the Diary and put my life in the Lords hands, surrender my will to God.

Thank you for your time and your space.
May the Lord bless you always.

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