My Miracle

My name is Jogi, I was born in 1942 at Bannu now in Pakistan  At the age of about six months, as told to me by my Mother, I fell v sick.
The Doctors advised that I will no survive for the next day.  My father was on way to meet some one ,on way he met my maternal Aunt ,who was a v religious minded lady, She asked my father how is jogi.My father replied,Jogi is awating her for last breadth.
She came to our house, picked me up and laid me before a photo of Guru Nank (The almighty in Sikh Region) and prayed, saying it is Gods gift and if he wishes he can take me.
As told me I started recuperating immediately after and now I'm 68 years with my family of Grand Children & good living.
I think it was Lords Wish that I survived and am leading a normal healthy life.
God Bless me  and all.

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