Winter Miracle
By: Susan

I too have experienced countless, countless miracles. One miracle occured in 1990.  During the previous year, my life was full of downs and with God's help, I came out of the nightmare and my life had turned for the better.

It was the last day of a cold December evening approximately 8pm. I got ready to go out for a new years party. I sat in my bed just thanking God for everything He had given me. I was so happy again and very grateful to God. 

All of a sudden I thought I heard tapping on my window.  I thought it was haling. I walked over to my window and did not see anything. The tapping persisted, so I walked toward my skylight and there I noticed the most beautiful pure white dove with feathers over it's head just looking at me. It was looking at me for some time. I felt so blessed.

What are the chances of seeing this type of bird, in the evening, during winter in Toronto?
Don't stop believing, don't stop praying. Thank and love God; He is there. Don't stop loving. Love is the gratest gift of all 

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