The Angel That Saved My Son

 I am from the Panama and I feel proned to tell you my true story. Maybe its my Guardian Angels who want this or God, I am not sure. But I feel it may help other people who have lost hope in their lives. My dad owned a farm with fish ponds in them. It was the 1st of January 1995.  We decided to all go to his farm for New Years  Day  and spend the weekend. Every one went including my brother, father,  husband,  my two and half year old son and a friend. This friend I had to coax to go with us.  A couple of days before  I had a  very  bad  dream.  Having  these kind of dreams before I knew that something was about to happen to someone close to me. I cried and  prayed after I  woke up from this dream and asked God with all my heart to protect all the members of my family. When we arrived at the farm we all  decided we wanted  to  do different things.  I wanted to go fishing with  my  friend. My brother and husband decided  they would check the ponds and my son wanted to ride one of  the  horses.  In the meantime my father was listening to music and relaxing in the cottage.  I was fishing with my friend and my friend stopped to fix the saddle of the horse my son
was riding since it wasn't done properly. I got distracted fishing thinking my son was  with  my friend  fixing the saddle.  I didn't realize he had gone close to the same lake I was fishing in, after a can of soda that was floating near by. As I was fishing I heard a voice which said  "Stop what you are doing and come here". I didn't think twice and I did as the voice said. I left the fishing pole and  started  walking  around  the lake.  As  I  did this my son's small body was floating  in  the lake I had been fishing in.  I threw myself in the lake  and got hold of him and put him on the grass.  The cloths I had been wearing were soaked and torn.  I screamed at the top of my lungs for help since I didn't know  what  to  do.  My son wasn't breathing and he was all purple. My friend came running to us.  I  just  said  in my  head  "If my son doesn't make  it,  I don't want to live Oh Lord".  "I don't want to live if he dies". My eldest son from a previous marriage, had been taken away from me  by  his father and grandparents.  I didn't want to loose this other child too. My friend was working on my son, giving him artificial respiration and CPR. The most weird thing is that he had never done it before and learned it in high school in Peru many, many years ago. As I said before I had had to coax him into coming with us since he had made all sorts of excuses. As he was working on my son, my husband and brother came over. They just stared  and  didn't know  what to do.  My dad came over and cried and stared  too. Every  one  was in  shock  and  felt helpless while our friend worked on my son.  This  impression was  very bad on my dad. Little did we know  he  had heart disease and this would later take a toll on his own health. He also suffered from manic depression and it would affect him for years to come until his death in December 1998.  My son started to get his color back and  cough  up  the water.  We didn't know how long he had been  under. My  son was on his side now coughing all the water up and I was  thanking God  for  bringing him back to me. I will never in this life be able to repay my friend for what he did.  When my son came too he was in shock and in a daze so we took him to the house.  There were no hospitals near by,  so  we decided to  take  him  to a  doctor that my dad knew in the  closest town. When the doctor checked  him  out he found his lungs quite clear,  but decided to  give  him antibiotics so he wouldn't get an infection. My son started to talk again and started to be his old self again. We didn't think he had permanent brain damage or any problems at the time. A couple of years later when my son started school we noticed certain behavior problems. He didn't concentrate in class and had sometimes bad behavior with classmates and his teacher. I took him to the neurologist. We took several tests which indicated that the drowning had caused some problems and that he had hyperactivity and concentration problems. I thank God and my Guardian Angels for saving my child and that he only has minor problems compared to others which have had the same experiences. These minor problems he can overcome in time with our support and treatment. This is my story and I have shared it so others will know of God's love for us and how he does miracles in people's lives.

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