My Grandma, Still a Fighter

I have always been extremely close with my Grandma.  I am her only Granddaughter and my brother is her only Grandson.  She is my only Grandma, I had never known her Husband he had died 8 months before I was born. At age 13 in the summer of 2006 I went on a trip with my grandma and aunt to celebrate my 13th birthday and my grandma's 80th.  We went on a week long trip on the east coast.  During the trip she had terrible heart races during the night. After the trip in November she ended up having a cathadure strung up her leg to her heart.
The months went by and February (2007) came.  My Grandma was setting up the alter for Sunday’s communion.  It was a very cold day and the heat was not on in the church, she was the only one inside at the time, the pastor lived across the street. She was wearing her boots and as she was walking down the steps of the alter, her boot caught on the carpet and she fell.  As she fell she tried to break her fall by putting her left hand out; it did not work.  She was in terrible pain and could not get up.  She then saw her purse laying a few feet in front of her she somehow got over there and reached it.  She took out her out-dated cell phone, that she hardly knew how to work and dialed the Pastor's number that she had only called 2 times before, but remembered his number.  He answered and came over and called an ambulance.
When I visited her in the Hospital my mom who was already there, told us that Grandma had broken her left rist and her right hip.  But that the hip didn't break from the fall, but that she fell because the hip broke first.
While she was in the Hospital and the rehabilitation center making excellent progress, they took x-rays of most of her body to see how things were doing and to her and their surprise they found something that was not the least bit good. They found a mass of tissue in her lungs.

It was lung Cancer. Incurable.

She had been a smoker since nurse school, and quit 9 or 8 years ago.
They said Four to Six months, Six at the absolute most.
That was in May 2007 it is now almost April 2008. Eleven months have gone by, I spend so much more time with her now than I ever have, it take everything she says and savor it because I know a few more months will go by, each getting a little harder.  But at least I had warning; at least I can spend some more days with her.

Thank God she fell in his house, praise God she beat the deadline.
Thank you God for this Miracle in Disguise!

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