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midnight was a straycat that we took in,we treated him like a child since we couldn't have any of our own.One night my wife was feeling ill and went to bed early but I stayed up and was watching television.I suffer from sleep apnea and I must have fallen asleep in the chair.What happened next still stays with me today,I remember being in a long tunnel with light at both ends when an angel appeared to me and asked me I have a choice to make.When I looked back I saw me sitting in the chair but when I looked forward I saw my father and older brother who passed away years earlier.I was so happy to see them,they spoke to me and said we have been waiting for you,they held out there arms for me to grab ahold of them.But all of a sudden I heard midnight meow ( midnight doesn't meow like other cats he had a rough loud meow ,the vet said that his former owners probably abused him )as I looked back here was midnight standing at the end of the tunnel meowing at me ,I felt like he wanted me to stay I look the other way and saw my dad and brother ,then all of a sudden I woke up in the chair with midnight sitting on my chest with his nose right in my face.It took me awhile to get focus back but midnight stayed with me until I fully recovered from it.Midnight saved me that night but I could never return the favor,two weeks later we had to put midnight to sleep,he had feline leukmia.I will never forget what he did,I believe he gave up his life for me. 

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