He Loves Just Me
By: skfloyd@yucca.net

I guess I am writing in because this makes me feel special. So please forgive me for bragging. Our Father treats everyone of His children like they are His only one.

I have gone through a separation from my wife and kids.

I go out at night and lie down on my trampoline and look up at the stars and praise God. He knows how many there are and He calls them each by name.

I talk to Him and He answers me with falling stars. I asked Him to heal my marriage and 'zip' there goes a falling star right within my sight. I said "Lord, does that mean you will do it?" and two more fall right in the same place. I stood up and started jumping up and down on the trampoline praising our Creator singing and laughing. If my neighbors heard me they probably thought I was crazy.

The next night I was sad again. Did you know that God is close to the broken hearted? Anyway, I went out again and lay down on the trampoline. So many stars started falling. It looked like a small fireworks show. It scared me. I went inside. I was hoping I was not hallucinating. Or, I thought maybe the devil was playing tricks with me since my heart was so broken and I was so vulnerable. I did not go outside at night for a few days. After I got more confident I went out again because I felt like I was a little more in control and prayed, "Lord, was that you? right then a meteor shot across the whole sky. About three little ones zipped a short distance.

Last night I went out again this is about two months after the last time. After confessing my sins and settling my heart down and praising God for the day and thanking Him for His only Son. I said, "Father, I feel lonely. Remember those three stars where You said You would heal my marriage?" and I held up my hand with three fingers. A star fell right where I was pointing. I started laughing. I am like His only child. He sees me. He knows just me. He takes time out of His busy creation to love on just me. He is so encouraging!

He may not answer our prayers just the way we want Him to, but He sure has a way of telling us we are special. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. If you do, I guarantee that you too will start seeing His hand at work in your life.

I still think He is going to fix my marriage (=

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