My Grandfather
By: Anonymous

when i was born my grandfather died two yrs after i never reallyy met him knowingly. i was his first grandson and he held me very dear to his heart befor passing away of day i was a junior in high school skipping class wit some friends.we had no were to go so we decided to go to a tacobell mayb half a mile down from school.keep in mind that my school was off a very busy 3and3 6lane was lunch time and was very lively.we had gotten done eating and was standing outside in frpnt of taco bell talking and joking but my thoughts had drifted on about my grandfather randomly.i felt down knowing i was doin very little with my random as my thougjts had been i looked out into the busy street and saw a white truck identical to the one he had. and the weirdest feeling came over me.i saw a man identical in weight hair skin color thar looked exactlly like my grandfather and had on the same flannel shirt he famously sported .but wat made it all the more crazy is that while the man drpve by it felt like everything wad moving slowly and me and the man locked eyes for a good ten seconds give or take.he didnt give me a disgusted look or a confuse look but he just had an extremely calm look .i gor the weirdest feeling all over my body from my spine to my shins up. to my i said we were on a busy street during lunch hour and the man evrr so calmly stared at me while driving not hitting even a fly in the process.i blinked and watched the truck just sorta fade out instantsly among the cars as if he had never been friends noticed my quietness and amazingly asked "wats wrong haha you look like yoy saw a ghost!!".i never brought it up.yearz later i told mother since my grandfather was the topic of discussiom and she looked at me deeply to see if i was busting her chops.after coming tp the conclusion i was being sincere she gave a warm smile and said "gramps is watching over you like he said he would"

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