Pulling Back
By: shjennings2@comcast.net

I was in fifth grade and I was at this old timey diner with my grandmother, Mom, and little sister. I remember my sister got her hands stuck in the car door and started crying when we left. When we got in the parking lot my grandmother left also. I got in the front seat and me and my sister have days on when we sit in the front it was mine so obviously I got in the front I remember the thing said the airbag was on in which that shouldn’t happen I was very bony. But I forgot that my ipod was in the backseat so I got back there and my sister came to the front because she didn’t feel like listening to my loud music. My sister who is very very very bony went to the front and the it showed up that the airbag didn’t come on so I got in the back and as my careless self I didn’t put my seatbelt on. My sister did she is very careful. We were driving and this huge land rover hit us. We were on the interstate so I was flying in the air hit my head on something and came straight back down to my seat there was glass everywhere but by a miracle there was no glass around me though. I didn’t hear anything either I was blanked out I guess while I was in the air then just “strangley” came back down to my seat also I just “strangley” decided to sit in the back seat when the airbag accidently turned on. I still believe in miracles today and only my true friends and family believe that it was miracle. To be honest I wasn’t really a Christan then I mean I prayed and I read a devotional book every night and a lot of my prayers have been answered since I became a true christen that year. Like that summer the cutest boy in the whole sixth grade lives right up the street and I spent all summer with him, his friends his older brother and his brothers friends, I finally got accepted into the popular group, I made all A’s B”s and C’s this year (that’s good for me because I almost didn’t pass the fifth grade), I got my first boyfriend this year, people pay more attention to me, my acne has cleared up a lot and I didnt use any face wash I just prayed for it and that’s the face wash I used haha, I’ve also gotten a lot prettier, and less people talk about me now. I just wonder if I would’ve gone to heaven that day…probably not.  The point is God saved me because my life was awful then and I was literally invisible in fifth grade. But I became a true  christen not long after that and God showed me life’s not that bad once give it a chance if I died that day I probably would be with the devil and would have never gotten to say in my heart “Let God but also let Go”

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