My Miracle Child

MY Miracle is my Son, he should have died not once but twice. Once in 2002 when he was 12, He was at his Dad's house riding his skate board in the driveway ( NO HELMENT ). He was grinding ( sliding ) on a pole his dad had made for him, He had waxed his pole I guess too much and his skate board came out from under him and he fell backwards hitting his head on the cement driveway. I am a Medic and was at work on an ambulance about 30 mins away. Didnt have a cell phone back then just a pager. He dad paged me with 911, knowing his Dad I knew something was very wrong so I stopped at my partners house and called. He advised me that my son hit his head, of course as a medic I asked the normal questions. Is he awake (yes) - Is he bleeding ( no) --Is he responding nomally ( I guess ) as a medic I guess is not what I wanted to hear. I advised his dad that I would contact Dispatch in that county and have an ambulance dispatched to take him to the ER. His dad said I will take him and I told him no becasue if something happens you wont know what to do. He said ok, and I hung up and called the dispatch center and told them who i was and that I need an ambulance for my son and the address. During this call my son passed out and his dad also called 911. My son was picked by A Medic that was my supervisor when I worked for this Co. and was a very good friend. I call my dispatch and advised them what was going on and that I was enroute to the ER. When I arrived at the ER I advised the staff and DR. that my son was enroute and why. I went and stood by the radio to listen to the reporte that the crew would be giving the staff. The report is not one you want anyone to have, and when that Pt. is your child it is even more scary. I knew from listening that my son had a very bad head injury. The Dr. in the ER that day knew from the report that they were unable to handle him and called for life flight to come get him, he then had him being transfered to another hospital before he even arriived at the hospital. This in the end helped save my son's life. He was brought into the ER White as a sheet, not Responding, High BP, combative ( fighting) pupils unequal, all signs of a head injury. All I could think and say was don't you dare leave me, DO NOT die on me.I love you... I kept telling him these words over and over. I was lucky that the staff knew me and allowed me in the room with him so that I was aware of what was going on with him. Life flight arrived and I knew the medics and the pilot, I kissed my son and told him I would see him there( no room on there for me) The Pilot (John) looked at me and said is this your family? I said yes he is my son. He said don't worry I will get him there.. We were driving a hour and a half away to the hospital about 25 min into our drive I get a page on my alfa pager from the medic on life flight saying he is ok, he woke up but we sedated him and we are about to land. This in itself was crazy because it takess longer then that to get to this hospital by air. When we arrived he was already in Sugery, when it was over the Dr. came out and said that he had to open his head and remov a very large blood clot, he told us that this was one of the biggest clots he had ever seen and that if my son had gotten there an hour later he would be dead. not maybe but dead. MY Son spent 11 days in the hospital, has a large scar in the back of his head, had a rough few months but recovered with no outward signs of his injury other then his scar. He was by all accounts normal.. A miracle yes, prayers were sent out for him by several churchs and God not only saved my son but healed him...The fact that I knew all these people , the DR. had him being transfed before he arrived and the fact that I knew all the crew on life flight, The fact that it took life flight less then 32 mins to get to the other hospital ( crew said they have never made it that fast).. All these things helped save my son and I trully believe that God worked it out so that it would all fall into place the way it did. Just one of these things out of place and my son may not be here today. The next miracle happened 2 years later, in 2004. My son had not rode his dirt bike since he was hurt due to us being scared and the Doctors telling us that he did not need to be hit in the head again. Well we started letting him ride again and he was doing good, wanting to race and working hard to get to were he could. We took them to ride at a track about 2 hours from our house, this track is in a large city where there is some of the best hospitals in the world. That morning before leaving my Mom said I wish ya"ll wouldn't go riding because Shay is going to get hurt. I said Mom he will be fine don't worry. My daugther is married and he and her husband never went with us but for some strange reason they decided at the last min that they wanted to go watch us ride and take some pictures. I told my Ex Husband that I had forgotten my trauma bag which I always took with me, He said it's ok you wont need it.. We arrived and He, His Dad and brother were riding for maybe an hour if that when Shay disappeared. I went the truck and he wasnt there I asked his Dad is he knew where he was and he said no I thought he was on the night track, i said no I dont know where he went. He said go check the big track because if he eats it over there it is going to be bad.. (This track is the race track and had a 102 ft. jump that shay had been working on for his race..) We started walking over there while his dad and brother rode over there, my youngest son came back to us and said mom, Shays wrecked his bike and he is hurt. Well my youngest is a joker and can tell you a lie without cracking a smile, I said Dillon are you lying to me, he said no mom get on and I will take you over there. Well he is scared to death of riding someone on his bike so I knew he was really hurt. He had tryed to jump this 102 ft. jump and had come up short and landing with his front tire into a ridge in the jump throwing him 40 ft face first into the next jump. When I got to him he was Out and not responding, blood was coming from his mouth and he was posturing which is a true sign of a head injury. I told somone to called an ambulance and they said one was on the way, i then called them back and told them about he first head injury and his cond. and that he need to be life flighted... He was life flighted to a nearby hospital, 3 hours later we were allowed to see him and meet with the Dr. He told us he had a very bad head injury and that Surgery was not going to help due to the amount of blood . He said he had 3 bleeds and all they could do is watch his ICP's ( Pressure) He advised us that he was in very bad Cond. and that he chance of living were not good. If he made it through the night we would be lucky, But not to expect it. He was transfrered to PICU were we were allowedd to stay with him 24 hours a day, he was given he own nurse and watched 24/7. He was on a about 6 different IV"S, Breathing machine, a bolt in his head to monitor his ICP"S a Cath in his chest to monitor his BP. We were told we could stay in the room but no light, No TV, no touching him or talking to him. We could only sit and watch. His ICP"S stayed through the roof, they say 10 to 20 is normal, his were close to 50 r in the 50's at times. 17 Days later and they still were in the 30's, the Dr. told us flat out the he was taking him off the meds. but he didnt think he would ever wake up . He said according to the Pressure still inhis head that he would have massive brain damage and if he ever woke up he quality of life would not be good. I advised him that I had faith, prayer and God on my side, he said well you know that no matter how much you try to convince youself that he is going to be ok, you need to face the facts... I said i understand but those three are all I have left and I wont let you take that away from me. They got off the meds but left him on the breathing machine.I stayed with him non stop the whole time he was that and after he was taken off the meds I would put the speaker for the TV by his ear and play music for him. About a week later he opened his eyes and was trying to move his head around. I asked him if he could hear me and he tryed to shake he head yes. I explained to him that he was in the hospital and what had happened, I asked him if he knew who I was and his shook his head yes. I said who and he tryed to whisper Mom, I knew then that he would be fine... Two weeks later we with to rehad and two weeks after that we went home and did out Pt. rehad. He had to finish out his year in home school. We tryed to to reg. school the next year but he was not fast enough to keep up, we put him in a home school type school that assigns them work and they turn it in, He finished High School. He has had alot of trouble with some things but over the last few years has gotten alot better. He has been on Meds since that time but a few months ago the dr. took him off of them. He is now 22 as of today and is expecting a baby in OCT. He lived with me until this two months ago and then he moved out to start his own family. God has worked miracle in my life and my childs..

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