A Huge Arm
By: Shawn

I have had many miracle in my life, but none as dramatic as this. I was right out of high school in my younger days. I did a lot of partying and hanging out really late.

The night before my miracle took place i had been out with one of my girlfriends and didn't get home until early morning the next day. I had to be at work by 8am and i didn't get in until about 6am. I am from a little town called Berryville, Va.

At the time I was working at Dulles Airport and I had to pick up my other girlfriend and take us to work. I drove a stick shift and none of my girlfriends could drive my car. So i pick my girlfriend up and we head down the road. Remember I am driving on no sleep at all.

We get to work and i can hardly keep my eyes open, I am literally falling asleep while standing up. Finally my boss says that we can go home early, so it's about 1pm in the afternoon on a pretty summer day. When I get outside to go to my car I thought I felt a energy boost, with the weather and all.

So we're driving, and we take the exit from the Dulles airport which is a bridge and full running traffic underneath. While driving my girlfriend and I are conversing about the previous nights events etc...... And I fall asleep, my friend is yelling my name and I wake up in time to see our car flipping going about 50 miles and hour, the car goes up on the side of the bridge and stops and rolls back down.

The amazing part is that neither of us had on seat belts and everything was uprooted in my car. My stereo was thrown out, the windows were all busted, even my head rest came unattached. Anything grounded came apart except me and my friends. While my car was flipping there was the big huge fist wrapped around me. It was the biggest and strongest arm I've ever felt. This road that we had our accident on is normally really busy and this particular day there was only 1 car behind us. And in that car there was 1 doctor and 2 nurses. They witnessed the whole accident.

When the car landed my girlfriend crawled out and sat on the side of the bridge, I could not get out because my leg was pinned in the car. The ambulance arrived immediately and my girlfriend was taken to the hospital. And I later followed once my leg was cleared of the car. I did not talk to my friend any more because her sister picked her up and my mother picked me up. I saw my friend again Sunday at church. We did not talk about anything that took place.

By Sunday the whole congregation new of the accident (for it was not our first). The preacher asked did anyone want to give a testimonial, I never get in front of the church willingly to speak. But something inside me would not let me keep this miracle to myself. When I told this true story my friend who was a couple seats in front of me turned and looked at me with amazement and she felt the other half of her arm wrapped around her. We went and looked at my car to see if I could recover some personal effects and when I saw my car I broke down. There is no way without GOD that is should have or would have survived that accident. The junkyard guy was showing us the car and didn't realize I was the driver of the wreckage and he made the statement of "There is no way that who ever did this survived" and I joyfully spoke up and said "I did that". And the look on his face.

We had no bodily injuries except glass in our hair and mouths and a few bruises. And my friend was pregnant at the time. All is ok.

God is definitely a good God.

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