My Story

This is a 100% true story.
When I was a senior in high school, an incident happened that changed my life forever. I was walking from my car into school one morning and a girl in front of me dropped $2.00 from her purse. Being totally out of cash and low on gas, I scooped up the money and put it into my pocket. "Finders keepers" I thought, as I put continued down the hall. The girl was a rich, snooty girl anyway and I figured she would not miss it anyway. But, all of a sudden, a voice said to me, "John, you are stealing. You are a thief." I was not sure if it was the voice of reason or guilt, but I began feeling very guilty. I tried to reason with myself and justify the fact that I was stealing from this girl, but my conscience prevailed. I decided to give it back and approached the girl. I gave her the money back and she was extremely grateful. As I walked away, I said a quick prayer..."God, I have heard you. I pray you will provide for me."

Later, at the end of the day, I was in the library and was just browsing through some books killing time. I saw a book and had an impulse to grab it. I did so and opened it up only to find a $10.00 bill hidden inside. I was shocked but reasoned it was a coincidence. But, as I put the book back on the shelf, I looked at the $10.00 bill and was astounded to see that it was made in 1968, 2 years before I was born. I stopped dead in my tracks and wondered...."could it be?" I went back to the book and opened it up to the back where the check-out card was. The card had the dates and names of the people who had checked it out. It had not been taken out of the library since Feb 9, 1970. That is the day I was born.

God planned that lesson for me before I was born. I never doubted God after that and learned to listen to him and the holy spirit for wisdom and reason. It was truly a miracle and was receieved loud and clear.

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