My Grandmother Stayed

My grandmother died suddenly in 1988, shortly thereafter myself, husband and 2 children moved into my grandparents home. A couple of things happened that let me know Grandma was still there.

 The first incidence we while my husband was at work and my son at school. My daughter who was 18 months old at the time was playing in the livingroom and watching cartoons, I was vacuuming in the den. Suddenly I heard my grandmothers voice loud and clear call me by my first and middle name and yelled to go get that baby. I dropped the vacuum answered OK Grandma and ran outside to see my baby running up the sidewalk as fast as she could go. I wasn't scared or startled when I heard my name, I felt total calm and peace.

next time my husband was in bed and I was sleeping in the den with one of the kids that was sick. My husband stupidly fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand but was awakened when the ceiling fan started swinging back and forth leaving gouges in the ceiling.

The last incidence in that house before we moved to another city was when my 7 year old son was riding his bike in the road in front of the house, my husband was mowing the lawn and keeping an eye on him. Suddenly a teenager on a motorcycle came down the road way too fast and lost control he hit my sons bicycle from behind. My husband said it was like slow motion as our son was lifted up and gently carried several yards and laid down in the road.

I hated leaving that house I felt like we were protected there. An interesting thing happened last summer. Hurricane Charley came through that town and heavily damaged all the houses on that street except my Grandmothers house. She is still there I think looking after things.

Five years ago my son was nearly killed in a horrible accident, the doctors said he wasn't supposed to survive but I like to think maybe Grandma was working overtime that night and stayed with him and helped him.

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