Christmas in the Park
A Near-Death Ice Skate Story
My story takes place in December 2007, at Christmas in the park, but first a little background. Technically I have been a believer in Jesus since I was very young. I grew up in a Christian home, and did not think much of it, until 8th grade. I went ice skating at christmas in the park with my Jr. high group, and it was all great until like an hour later, I was ice skating and these stupid guys were messing around and accidentally ran into me causing a domino effect of people falling over, and through the chaos of things, I had somehow gotten stabbed in the back of my right leg by an ice skate. As I got up some guy was like, dude your bleeding. I was like oh my god, and freaking out. So I got off the ice, and I just kept bleeding. They thought I had hit an artery or something, and there was blood everywhere. My pastor at the time was with us, and he was right by my side as I was laying on the ground. He was actually the one holding his hand over my leg as to keep the blood from coming out too fast. As I was lying there, I kept thinking to myself, I'm gonna die, this is it, I can't believe it's all over, I'm so young, there is so much more to discover in life, and as all these thoughts race through my head, my pastor was the ultimate comforter, he said, "you are going to be fine, just try to relax" so I did. It was really hard, but I did my best; and before I knew it, some random stranger (not my pastor and not anyone who knew me) but a RANDOM stranger had called 911, and the paramedics came and took me to emergency. To this day, I have no idea who called emergency, but I'm glad he called when he did, the paramedics got there just in time to rush me to the ER.
To make a long story short, I got like 8 stitches and the ice skate, barely missed a vital artery. I had been hit in the ONE spot that wasn't crucial (according to the doctor as I remember). So the way I see it, that night, I would have died from blood loss, but I didn't because I had an angel looking out for me, an angel named Jesus. And that was the year I took a good long look at my life, and decided to live for God as much as I could with my kindness, people skills, and just overall my loving spirit which God has gifted me with.
It's now almost 4 years later, and I realize that other people need to hear this miracle, I cant just keep it to myself. For all those out there who are losing any sort of faith, don't. God works in mysterious ways, seriously. I hope my story was an inspiration to all of you and that you all will continue to live your lives for God. Give it all up to him and see what he does with it. You may be surprised at how awesome God is :)
And lastly, if anyone, ever needs prayer for ANYTHING, seriously, email me at:
And I will pray for your need. I may only be 17, but the power of prayer is beyond our comprehension, and works wonders. I hope my story will touch many lives, maybe even yours. God bless.

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