The Miracle of the Roses and the Bird
By: Sweet Angel
                    Part 2
After my divorce, of course I was feeling down, very depressed, as anybody in my shoes I started wondering what did I do wrong, where was my failure, and ask my self if maybe, I could have done better,...only to get more depressed about it.
One day I was alone, my girls went to their fathers for the weekend and I didn't feel like getting out of bed, so there I was, crying and wondering....The more I cried, the worse I felt, and so on until I started praying (finally, because by this time I should know better, don't you think?). Days before I had bought a little bird and some rose bushes that where nothing more than  naked sticks, but I put them into pots, watered them and decided to wait until summer  was here, (we're talking January, cold and windy weather), ... so I was there, crying, when I start praying, and I got a very one on one conversation with the Lord, in my despair, I ask Him to show me if He was at all at my side, show me a sign, I beg, something so I could know that I was not alone and so I could start getting out of this pain....inmediatly the bird start singing, I listen my pain started to go away, later that day I started to feel better. Within a week another miracle was at my hand, all my rose bushes had flowers, beautiful roses, all colors, and with a magnificent perfume. Everybody in the neighborhood was amazed how I got to get my bushes to get flowers in January. I told each and every person that this was a very special demonstration of the love the Lord had for me. I don't know if they believe me or not. That is really not important.

 From that day on, every time I fell down or depressed, I asked the Lord to hold me in his arms, and every night he came and embrace me until I got to sleep. I've been alone for more than a year now. My new husband is in the ARMY and stationed in other city, so we haven't live together at all since
we have been married, yet I have not feel alone after that day. Why? because Jesus is always with me, just as He promise He will be.

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