Time Stopped
By: Anonymous
Years ago I was married to a cattle rancher.  Our ranch was about 40 miles out of town and so I lived on our farm in town with three little girls so that they could go to school.  Weekends we went to the ranch and/or my husband would come down.  It was round-up time and I was on the way to take "chuck wagon" to the guys sorting cattle on the ranch.  I had the back of our big station wagon full of food and goodies and headed out expectiong to be there by noon. I was already running a little late. On the way one of the girls had to go "pottie".  We pulled off or a forest service road and let her do her thing.  While backing back onto the road I missed the bridge and high-centered with one rear wheel suspended in mid-air off of the road over a ditch.  I tried everything to get car back on the road to no avail.  I had just read where we should "Praise God in all circumstances" and began to do so.  I was concerned about being late with food and my husband could get pretty unpleasant sometimes so was double afraid.  After being stranded at least 1 hr. I praised God continously and heard a noise coming over the hill. I sent my daughter to have a look. It was just the Cab of a large forest service truck equiped with a chain and hoist who was able to pull me out in a few minutes.  When I got to the ranch, it was noon.  I was not late and it was like I had lost nearly over an hour of time. Time had stood still. By all rights, I should have been over an hour late. We all enjoyed the food and I praised God for his miracle. 
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