Depend on God

I was an orphan ever since I was 2 month old. My mother raised me till the age of 9 then she ended up marrying a rich man who became my step father. My step father had a  daughter (from his first wife who passed away when his daughter was 4 years old) he always gave his daughter - my step sister - all his love and attention and none to me. He used to insult me, humiliate me and discourage me most of the time ... and when I turned to a teenager he was treating me like hell. Years have past, and later on me and my sister each one of us got married and we moved here to the states. He is a very rich person as I mentioned and he bought her the home she lives in and he paid her all the tuition fees for her husband's Masters Degree and PHD!. He also had good connections and got her a job in the United Nations. On the other hand, he never lent me a hand or even asked about me for years. He used to love money more than anything in this world and he always reminded me "that I'm not his son and when he dies I would never inherit a nickel!"). On the other hand, I never expected or waited for any support from him and I always prayed and depended on God most of the time. God guided me through every step in my life. I had an excellent career here in the States and then I started my own Company and made a good living (way better than my step sister's - though all the help and financial support she was getting). When he came to visit her last year, he decided to call me to see how I'm doing and I invited him over and he was shocked to see my luxury home, my car, and my standard of living!. He asked me how did you do all this on your own? I simply replied: I was never alone, God was there beside me all the time.....
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