We Should Have Died
By: sam@centralpg.ca

I had had my license for about 6 months (I was 17, Iím 20 now) and my friends and I decided to go shopping. I thought it was perfect my parents were going out of town and they were leaving me the van. Kimi and Evan and I hoped in the car when Evan remembered that he had forgotten his wallet. He lives far out of town and I said no worries lets go get it. Well we drove 30 mins and got to his house, he ran inside got his wallet, and we left. We were approaching the intersection on the highway, Something told me that Evan wasnít wearing his seatbelt so I told him to put it on. He was in the back seat, Kimi was in the front changing the CD. I looked both way getting ready to turn left and as I did, I suddenly heard metal on metal, crunching and we started to spin, I hit the curb flipped and rolled my motherís van down an embankment. We missed the light pole by 2 feet and landed 2 feet away from the powerline pole in the ditch. We landed on two wheels, (like Herbie does) Kimi was hanging in her seat belt and Evan and I were leaning against the hole where the windows used to be. We crawled out and got Kimi out. The moment we got out the car landed fully on its side. As we were crawling out someone pulled up and saw us and called for help. Soon many people sarted to show up and help us. When we got to the top I noticed what I hit. I had hit a loaded logging truck and its trailer. Many people were hovering around me and I looked up and saw my old cabin leader from bible camp. I havenít been to bible camp in 2-3 years. When I saw BJ I was so happy and totally felt a calming come over me. Someone I recognized made me feel calm and know that we were all going to be fine. I sat up and gave her a long hug, and said thankyou and she smiled at me, never saying anything. Help arrived and as the police officer was asked me what happened and I told him. When Evan and I were getting ready to go into the ambulance I look all around at all the people there to help us, trying to find BJ and she was gone, the guy that looked like he was with her was still there. She just disappeared.

4 hours later, as I was waiting in my gurney and neck brace for my x-rays I suddenly realized what had happened. God had sent an angel or many of them to save us. We hit a speeding loaded logging truck and missed 2 poles by 2 feet. As my mom and I were talking about what happened she and I noticed that none of the airbags deployed and mine and Evans seatbelt came undone sometime during our flips and rolls. We all walked away with no injuries. Just a few scratches that you canít even see now.

We should have died. Looking at the pics we took of my mothers write off van is incredible. All the windows were broken except for the back window, the inside panel on the passanger sliding door was ripped off and flew out of the car, the vents were ripped out. We figure that when we rolled my side hit first because they is a huge dent on the top of the roof, where my head was. Kimis side was the side that was hit by the truck and the truck hit the back of the van and slid right up to the front, leaving a huge scratch. The police officer and the paramedics donít understand how we could have possible lived. We should not have lived.

All I know is that someone up there loves me and us and knew that it wasnít mine or my friends time to go to our home in the sky. So we got to stay in our rental homeÖ earth.

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